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Inside:  Keys To Your Child's Future Happiness And Prosperity

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 From the Desk of Jim Rogers

To:  All Parents and Grandparents

        Exposure to sound financial principals during childhood and early adult years can profoundly impact the quality of our lives.  Allow me to illustrate with these examples:

A wealthy couple gave their son every advantage.  Sent to the best prep schools, he earned a degree from the prestigious university his father had attended.  As planned, he then joined his father's successful business.  He married a woman from a notable family.  They enjoyed a good life.  When his father suddenly died - he didn't know how to manage the business. Although educated at the finest schools, others made decisions for him. He trusted the wrong people and lost the business.  His marriage failed. Eventually, he ended up bankrupt.

A widowed mother got a job with clerical skills learned in high school.  Her pay could barely provide basic needs to raise her young daughter.  Still, she donated to the less fortunate.  Her prudent budgeting maintained a simple but adequate lifestyle.  The cost of a college education for her child was beyond this mother's reach.  Yet her daughter earned a degree and later an MBA attending classes part time after work.  She married happily and became successful in business.


       Encouraging children to think independently and make sound critical judgments isn't a luxury reserved for the rich.  In our competitive global economy, parents need and deserve support helping them guide their children's success.


       I urge you to read the enclosed letter and encourage you to take action.  Arm your precious children with financial and life skills they'll need to succeed and be happy in the 21st century economic reality.




                                                   Jim Rogers
                                                   Author, A Gift To My Children:
                                                   A Father's Lessons for Life and Investing

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Budgets cut, teachers laid off -- no wonder
our schools aren't reinforcing critical life skills!

Financial literacy is CRITICAL in determining life quality
and success BUT -- it's MISSING from our children's classrooms!


A Capital One survey of high school seniors finds 38% say that they are
unsure or unprepared to manage their own banking and personal finances.



Dear Parent, Grandparent, Caring Family Member or Guardian:


According to Jennifer Weary, PhD. who writes on education, economic opportunity and positive public policy, "Today’s youth are growing up surrounded by dire economic news. They live in a world where words like 'recession,' 'unemployment,' 'foreclosure,' 'debt,' and 'inflation' are part of everyday life. There is great value in young people developing an age-appropriate understanding of these economic concepts and their impact, and most importantly in developing financial strategies to combat them. This learning must happen at home, primarily because financial management is not a standard component of K-12 education."


So, where do families begin to teach children financial management?

Helping our young sons and daughters open a first savings account is an important rite of passage.  They begin to learn about the mechanics of banking.  But what does owning a bank account teach them about money?  About earning, saving, investing, sharing – PROSPERING?  How does it help them navigate toward a life of riches and richness?


 That was MY story.  What's YOURS?

Let me share with you why I'm so passionate about financial literacy in the 21st century. The story my good friend Jim Rodgers told you about the widowed mother -- that was my mother's story.  Yes, I'm the daughter who slowly but surely earned an MBA, married her college sweetheart, and became a successful Wall Street banker.  Yet, now I worry about having the right resources to assure my own children are fully equipped to live lives that are happy and complete.


What's your story?  Do you wonder...

...where you'll get the energy, the time, the resources to make sure your children learn all the things they'll need to know to lead fulfilled lives? to assure they're grounded in the basics?  ...where funds for college will come from?  ...whether they'll pick their friends wisely?  ...what career choices they'll have?  ...if they'll understand how to wisely earn, save, spend, invest, and share money?  ...if they'll have enough to successfully raise their children?  ...if they'll have resources they need to last for their lifetimes?  ...if they'll be able to leave a legacy?

Driven by my mother's example and my life experience, I was determined to use my professional expertise in the world of finance to answer all those questions and more for my children and for others'.  So I started my own company and created a unique web-based platform for today's parents to give their children a leg up along the path toward financial literacy and future prosperity.

I'm excited to tell you all about it.  But first, I want to cover some background about why the gift of financial literacy is more important than it ever has been.


This is not your grandmother's Monopoly!

Monopoly was supposed to teach lessons about risk, chance, diversification and debt.  Baby Boomer grandparents remember having fun around the family kitchen table playing the popular game.  But consider what Suze Orman says in her book, The Courage to Be Rich - Creating a Life of Material and Spiritual Abundance.  "With the twentieth century behind us, what will your child need to know in order to prosper in the twenty-first?  No one can say for certain, but he or she will need financial skills much more sophisticated than those that many of us learned."

We know our school system gets a failing grade in financial education.  We know our children are learning by watching us.  But we learned our money management skills in a simpler world.  Where can we turn for cutting-edge parenting strategies?  We need help to prepare the next generation for future economic opportunities and challenges.


 These numbers are terrifying!

According to Vince Shorb of the National Financial Educators Council, "Financial illiteracy affects all income levels. ... Countless research has been performed throughout the years that has analyzed why Americans are having a difficult time managing their finances.  It did not take long for the answers to lead to one key commonality among the financial tiers of the poor, middle, and upper classes: a lack of financial literacy."  And further he says, "One in five individuals earning more than $100,000 struggles to make ends meet."

The thought that our children, even those making well-above-average incomes in their adult lives, could so easily fall victim to living paycheck to paycheck is terrifying!


According to a survey from American Express:

Teens indicated that talking with their parents about money is not easy, as nearly half of teens (49%) say that having to ask their parents for money is a “hassle.”

The College Savings Foundation 2012 survey of how youth plan to fund college revealed that 51% of high school students wished that their current high school offered financial literacy instruction for them and their families to prepare for college costs.

Results of the 2011 Junior Achievement/Allstate Foundation “Teens and Personal Finance” Survey indicate that: Nearly 50% are unsure of how to use a credit card effectively, yet 24% think high school or younger is when they should get their first credit card.

According to a FINRA Investor Education Foundation Capability Survey:

Young Americans [18-to 34-year-olds] nationally were more likely to be less financially capable than older Americans, with 23% spending more than their household income, 68% not having money set aside to cover expenses for three months (rainy day fund), 34% engaging in non-bank borrowing, and averaging only 2.6 correct out of 5 questions covering concepts of economics and finance expressed in everyday life.


 But, there's good news, too!

Research from a study co-funded by the University of Arizona and the National Endowment for Financial Education revealed that:

  • High school and college students who are exposed to cumulative financial education show an increase in financial knowledge, which in turn drives increasingly responsible financial behavior as they become young adults.
  • Researchers document a “snowball effect” that these early efforts exponentially increase the likelihood that students will pursue more financial education as time goes on, including informal learning through books, magazines and seminars.
  • Parents, more than anything, exert the most influence over their children when it comes to developing positive financial attitudes and behaviors — 1.5 times more than continuing financial education and more than twice as much as what children hear from their friends.


And now you have the opportunity to put the
keys to success in your children's hands!

 I'm excited to introduce you to Budget Brainiacs, an innovative and powerful online family club delivering financial education to youngsters age 10 and over.  Budget Brainiacs ...

  ... goes far beyond tutoring in the basics of money and finances!

 ... sends your children's financial IQs soaring!

 ... includes modules for family fun!

 ... has modules allowing children to work alone!

 ... rewards children and young people with points they can use just like money!

 ... weaves fun, behavioral reinforcement, and teachable moments throughout!


It's by design and not by accident that Budge Brainiacs, makes learning about money management fun and challenging.

I love this program for my own family and urge my students' families to use it at home.  Montessori teaching principles are clearly at the core of the Budget Brainiacs system.  I wish every household with children could be in possession of a subscription to this program.  I don't have enough words of praise for it."

...Rachel Supalla, Director/Owner, Discovery Kidzone Montessori School, Montana, USA


It's not always easy for parents to know how and when to talk to their children about adult concepts.  Guiding your youngsters as they grow into their pre-teen, teenage and young adult years is built into the Budget Brainiac road maps.  Ideas for conversations about a wide variety of cultural values, not purely those dealing with money are included.

"I was amazed by the depth of research that went into creating Budget Brainiacs.  It's far more than a tool to help children, teens and young adults get a grounding in personal finance. Its structure supports parents and families to be able to deal with behavior modeling in a holistic and positive way."

...  Janet Lehman, MSW, co-creator of The Total Transformation Program.


Helping young people grow up to be wise consumers of saving and investment services was a primary outcome important in the creation of Budget Brainiacs.  Financial Services firms agree it hits the mark.

"We believe in helping our employees devote the time they need to their families.  After reviewing Budget Brainiacs, we decided to include it among a long list of goods and services we offer employees at a discount to help them manage their budgets and their lives.  This product is perfectly in sync with our services, and the core values we promote."

... L. Kevin Cox, Chief Human Resources Officer, American Express


Watch your youngsters grow in confidence and pass their peers!

  •  Budget Brainiacs is available from wherever it's most convenient - at home or traveling with you on vacation.  Get secure online access at
  • It supports different learning styles and preferences which include readings, videos, quizzes, and interactive tutorial options.
  • Guided discussion roadmaps offer structure for parents and children to talk about their family's financial culture and values.
  • Young people 10 years and up are introduced to finances at the critical age when they want to begin spending money and follows them through young adult years when they need to conduct a job search, buy an automobile, rent an apartment, and purchase insurance.
  • Learners earn points as a proxy for earning money - and they're given opportunities to save them, spend them on a selection of age-appropriate prizes, or contribute them to our charitable outreach program - the Financial Literacy For All Foundation.  BestFin, Inc. will contribute a match of actual dollars for any "points" children may choose to contribute and thank them with a personal note.
  •  Product support is conveniently available by phone.
  • It's versatile format allows the entire family to be involved or lets children learn independently.

Here's a sample of the many messages we receive ....

“My local mommy group did a lot of research to find programs that teach children about money.  We needed something for older kids as well which was very hard to find.  Then we came across Budget Brainiacs -- HOORAY!"

— J. Sanders, Northampton, Massachusetts

“I home-school my children and I’m always looking for ways to bring real-life lessons into my teaching. Your program is fantastic. Every day, my kids ask, 'When are we going to play Budget Brainiacs?'”

— T. Bazell, Portland, Oregon


“I’m a professional mommy blogger who gets about 30,000 hits on my website each month. Based on the comments on my blog posts about Budget Brainiacs, you have a home run!"

— H. Walters, Columbus, Georgia


“This may sound silly, but my husband has stopped using his credit card for unnecessary purchases we used to argued about .... all since playing Budget Brainiacs with our children!  They are holding him accountable!"

— S. Wolenski - Chicago, Illinois


"As a mom of triplets, I can't thank Budget Brainiacs enough for a product that offers us an opportunity to approach finances as a family fun activity.  And, guidance the kids can use 'playing' Budget Brainiacs amongst themselves gives me time to attend to other things while knowing they are engaged in wholesome activity."

— J. Begay - Lawrence, Kansas


“Our family is one of a few in our neighborhood that can afford internet.  And I am so thankful that we found Budget Brainiacs.  I had been terribly worried about my twin boys' futures.  Since my family has been involved with Budget Brainiacs, I've been heartened by how it's helped make us closer and how our children are learning to help themselves through life.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

— A. Cortez - Denver, Colorado


 Weigh the cost of membership against the price
of your children's future financial security and happiness.

Regularly selling at $29 per month per child subscribed, get Budget Brainiacs now for the lowest price possible when you subscribe no later than [date 15 days after mailing date].  You'll receive a 10% discount and pay only $26.10 per month per child for the first 12 months.  This offer ends at midnight on [date 15 days after mailing date] and is not likely to be repeated.


There's more!

Order by [date 15 days after mailing date] and ...

  • every subscribed child will have his or her "account" automatically credited with a 50-point premium to get started with a positive balance.
  • every subscribed child will receive a gift-boxed, brushed nickel, key chain - a $25 value - engraved with his or her first name and 3 keys - each key bears one of these words: Save, Spend, Share.  If you're subscription is a gift, we'll even send the keychain directly to the gift recipient (gifts to more than one child in a household are combined for shipping) or to you to gift-wrap for the lucky child you subscribed.
  • each subscribed household will receive a copy of Jim Rogers' book, A Gift To My Children: A Father's Lessons for Life and Investing - retailing for $17 in bookstores.

NOTE:  Orders placed after [date 15 days after mailing date] pay the regular price of $29 per child per month and are ineligible to receive the premium gifts.  But we'll still automatically credit 50  points to every child's "account" regardless of the order date.


For no more cost than your discounted subscription, you can share the gift
of future prosperity with others while you reinforce an important
Budge Brainiac program concept to your children ... Sharing.

When you subscribe by [date 15 days after mailing date], the 10% discounted from your per subscription price will be donated to our Financial Literacy For All Foundation.  In cooperation with the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), BestFin, Inc. identifies areas across the U.S. where needs are greatest. Budget Brainiac subscription packages are made available at no cost or with generous discounts by working within communities to make the program available in schools, libraries and community centers in rural or impoverished areas where internet is available but local households may not be able to access or afford it.


If the Budget Brainiacs program does not work for your family - pay nothing.

Our BestFin family is so confident that your family will be delighted with Budget Brainiacs, we make a simple 100% money-back guarantee.

Take 30 days to decide. If you are not satisfied that Budget Brainiacs teaches your children valuable financial and life lessons in an engaging and fun format, simply call our toll free number 1-8xx-xxx-xxxx between 9 AM and 6 PM Eastern, Monday through Friday.  Tell us you want to cancel.  No questions asked.  Your subscription will stop.  Your money will be refunded - 100%.


But, even if you do cancel --

-- keep the personalized key chain and the Jim Rogers book you received as gifts for trying the money club.

-- the amount of the discount you initially received will still be contributed to the Financial Literacy For All Foundation.


With best wishes for bright and happy futures for children everywhere,



Cosette Joseph
President, CEO
BestFin, Inc.


P.S.  As a financial advisor to people of both modest and substantial means, I've witnessed how sound critical thinking skills and understanding of financial principals combine to help some people seed and grow prosperity.  How they intelligently harvest the fruits of their hard work, savings and investments.  Yet others are confused and indecisive. They're paralyzed by distrust that stems from their lack of confidence in understanding money management.  As a result they make poor choices that often cost them more than they can afford to lose.  Confident or confused about money matters -- begin right now to guide the direction in which your children will grow.


P.P.S.  As an ADDED BONUS, Jim Rogers has agreed to autograph books for the first 100 households that place an order by [date 15 days after mailing date]!

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Regular Price:  $29 per child per month

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The BestFin Inc. Budget Brainiac Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you pay nothing.

Call us within 30 days of receiving internet access and tell us you were not delighted with your experience.  We'll arrange to refund your purchase price.  You still get to keep any premiums you received.

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